Wanna know how old I am?

This is where I went to Elementary and Jr. High school.

Sent to me by bff CB, who was a schoolmate there.

That’s just sad.

It would have bothered me less if there was a shopping center, housing development, even a corn field.

That would be a sign of progress…that the site has become useful in other ways.

Seeing the ruins just sitting there, forlorn and abandoned tears at my heart.

The school was built in 1910 (IIRC) as Windfall High School.  A POW camp was housed on or near it’s grounds toward the end of WWII.  I remember it as a stately, brick four story building that always seemed to me as impregnable and indestructible as a fortress.

Everything that has a beginning, has an end.

 (Image borrowed from Classmates.com)


1 thought on “Wanna know how old I am?

  1. All my old schools are still intact, at present. I knew I was getting old, though, when I realized that almost every school in my home town is now named after people that I actually knew personally.

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