Oh Noes!!!

Apparently my e-mail address has been compromised, I just got this official e-mail from my service provider this morning:

From:  etwerp@cox.net
Subject: Update your Account Now!!
Date: July 1, 2011
Reply-to: update55@qatar.io

Dear Account user

We are bringing to your notice that our customer service will be damaging down some
email users in our data base, due to the high number of different emails that has been
violated by our email policy, terms and conditions we are destroying down some email users.

if you still choose to maintain your account with us.

Provide us with the below info :

E -mail:
Birth date:

send all informations to: update55@qatar.io

Email owner that refuses to maintain his or her email after 2-3 working days of this notification will loose account permanently from our site. NOTE !!! account user that refuses to maintain his/her account will have account permanently removed from our data base for email violation.

© 1998-2011
Cox Communications,

Hold on a minute while I send them my e-mail address, password and birthdate immediately.

I’m back.

Whew!  I feel much better now that that’s done.  My e-mail account is safe again.

Is there an award for “worst phishing attempt ever”?  If there is, I need to enter this one into the contest.



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