Trip Update

Finally in a hotel with an internet connection. I haven’t been able to get any more “Welcome to” state pictures because we’ve been crossing state lines on such small roads they haven’t had them.

On Sunday, after stopping for breakfast at IHOP and taking a “beginning trip” group picture…

…we drove from central Indiana, across Ohio, to Commodore PA and stayed at my Mom and Step Dad’s place.

Just a hint…here’s the view from their yard just in front of the house.

Hit a little rain in Ohio, but not bad and it stayed cloudy all day which kept it cool.

On Monday, we rode North and East to Utica New York. Upstate New York is absolutely beautiful. It’s such a shame that a great place like that would be ruled by a majority crammed into a tiny section of the southeastern corner of the state.

Again, some sun, a bit of rain (once non-stop for almost three hours, which was…unpleasant), but the temps stayed reasonable even when the sun was out.

Today, we continued on from Utica to Fort Ticonderoga. Very cool and interesting place if you enjoy history at all.

From there we took the ferry across into Vermont and ended up in a tiny town called Lyndonville, VT.

Even more beautiful countryside, and VT 17 between Jerusalem and Irasville is a great motorcycle road with lots of twisties.

We ran into more rain today mostly in pockets. It rained for about ten or fifteen minutes at Ticonderoga just as we were getting ready to leave. For about the last half hour or forty-five minutes of the day’s journey it rained very hard. Visibility was challenging it was coming down so hard. It stopped just as we were reaching our destination. The up side is that the temps have been very pleasant. Not at all what I was expecting after my roasting last Friday on the way out.

The rain has been tough from time to time and everything being damp is getting annoying, but overall, it’s been a great trip so far.


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