Irene’s unnatural strength and devestating damage…

…were the result of global warming.

Hurricane Irene has a middle name, according to progressive author and environmentalist Bill McKibben, and it’s “Global Warming.”

The Daily Beast columnist says that because ocean temperatures are “bizarrely high” this year, a hurricane that couldn’t normally maintain such a high level of intensity north of North Carolina will reach Washington, D.C. and New York while still a Category 3 storm.

or not.

I’m thinking that, in order to prevent themselves from looking like complete idiots (versus incomplete idiots), they should probably wait until after the disaster has actually occurred before trying to unjustifiably blame it on global warming.

Saying “if it weren’t for global warming this disaster couldn’t happen” followed by the disaster promptly not happening, is…um…somewhat less than convincing.

Of course, they can always fall back on the standard warmist response: “Just because NONE of our wild predictions have EVER come to pass, doesn’t prove that humans aren’t causing global warming…er…climate change”.


1 thought on “Irene’s unnatural strength and devestating damage…

  1. The warmists are exercising faith. mmgw is an article of faith, and no evidence you present to the contrary will shake that.

    Glad you survived the onslaught!

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