The Journey is the Destination

Traveling by motorcycle is a much different experience than traveling in an auto. Not only for the obvious reasons of differing controls and half the number of wheels on the road, but because of the whole environment.

On a motorcycle, you are one with your environment. When it’s hot, you’re hot. When it’s cold, you’re cold. When it’s raining, you’re wet.

You are sitting higher, in general, than in a car and your field of view has fewer obstructions so you have a better view of your surroundings as well.

Because you can’t easily have a conversation with someone else…even a passenger on your own bike…while riding a motorcycle, there is plenty of introspection and you simply spend more time just looking and thinking about what’s around you and your place in it.

But what that also means is that, when you stop for a meal or for the day, you have plenty to talk about, discussing the sights seen and events that occurred while on the road that you couldn’t comment about except to yourself at the time.

It’s just an entirely different experience than traveling by car.

For those reasons and more, the title of this blog post really does say it all when it comes to a motorcycle trip.

Some of my pictures aren’t exposed exactly right because the sun was from the wrong direction, some are a little out of focus because the camera focused on the wrong thing, some may be a little off-kilter because I wasn’t holding it exactly straight,

but I hope that these pictures at least give a little bit of an idea what a motorcycle trip is all about and why riding for hours and miles on end, exposed to the heat, cold, rain and sun, is really worth it.

My dad used to say you don’t stop riding because you’re getting old, you get old because you stopped riding.

It truly is about the journey. The destination is just a good excuse.


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