Man with a gun!

Update:  Sorry, forgot the link.  It’s there now.

Smelling an opportunity to score cheap political points, the reliably anti-gun (bias?  what bias?) Roanoke times featured an editorial (it was in the “news” section, but it was an editorial piece nonetheless) regarding the recent “man with a gun” ridiculousness on Virginia Tech.

The only thing surprising about the piece is that they actually printed a quote from Phillip Van Cleave, president of the VCDL…I suppose so that they can at least claim some semblance of objectivity.

The line that caught my eye, however, was this one:

But public university administrators are taking pains to keep guns off their campuses

That’s a knee-slapper.

Um…no they’re not.

They’re taking pains to keep LAWFULLY CARRIED guns off their campuses.

They apparently have no problem with loons and criminals bringing guns onto campus because they aren’t doing anything special to prevent that.

Events like the Virginia Tech fiasco of a few years ago must not bother them too much because they insist on nothing less than providing the next sociopath who blames the world for his shortcomings with a veritable cornucopia of disarmed, defenseless targets to slaughter at his leisure after chaining the doors shut.

Doesn’t the concern for their students and faculty just warm your heart?


1 thought on “Man with a gun!

  1. "… keeping LAWFULLY CARRIED guns off their campuses"

    They are not even doing that!

    The restrictions apply ONLY to staff and students. Anybody with a CCW can lawfully carry a gun onto campus, and there are few restrictions on where on campus that they may go.

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