Storm Update

I was just getting ready to post an update earlier when the power went out. It came back on a few minutes ago so kudos to Virginia Power for getting it back on so quick.

I’ve taken some video of the storm (nothing earth-shattering, just rain and trees blowing around in the wind, but I’m having trouble transferring it from my fancy new smartphone. I’ll update this post with it when I can get it uploaded.

There are a surprising number of idiots driving around in this.

So far not too bad. Lots of rain, lots of wind, but I haven’t seen any trees go down and it actually doesn’t seem to me to be as bad as Isabel was several years ago, even though we’re taking a more direct hit.

Of course, the worst may still be on the way, so time will tell.

So far so good.

Update: Got the video up:

This text will be replaced

Update 2: Sorry, I had the wrong image embedded before, it’s fixed now.


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