I never thought I’d say this…

…but I finally found a rap song that I like.

This is in response to the recent flap about some rapper I’ve never heard of saying “F- the troops” in a “song”.

As a vet myself, even though I wasn’t Army, I can say that the artist in this piece is right: When Soulja girl dissed the Army, he dissed my brothers and sisters.

I’ve got your backs shipmates.

Fair warning: if you don’t like bad language, don’t play this.

youtube video deleted from source

Hat tip to Irons in the Fire. If it weren’t for Firehand, I’d have never heard about this story and probably would have never found a rap song that I like.


2 thoughts on “I never thought I’d say this…

  1. You know, honey, I really must read and comment on you your blog more often; you continue to amaze me more and more as the years go by.

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