The Obligatory 9/11 post

Ten years after 9/11 and what I’m feeling is




Others that feel the same way have said it much better than I ever could, so I’ll just lead you to their words, rather than try to articulate it as well as they did, and probably fail.

First, from N.U.G.U.N.

We watch our children cower in terror. Not from islamic terrorists but from people in U.S. TSA uniforms. The enormous measure of damage to U.S. citizen’s rights is huge, and growing.

I feel we’ve lost. Had we rebuilt those towers. And kept our freedom. Than we would have been the victors. Ten years later I must conclude we have lost.

And Kevin, with a lengthy quote from Mark Steyn:

In the months after 9/11, I used to get the same joke emailed to me every few days: the proposed design for the replacement World Trade Center. A new skyscraper towering over the city, with the top looking like a stylized hand — three towers cut off at the joint, and the “middle finger” rising above them, flipping the bird

But the years go by, and they stopped emailing that joke, because it’s not quite so funny after two, three, five, nine years of walking past Windows on the Hole every morning. It doesn’t matter what the eventual replacement building is at Ground Zero. The ten-year hole is the memorial: a gaping, multi-story, multi-billion-dollar pit, profound and eloquent in its nullity.

Both are worthy of a “Read the Whole Thing” recommendation, and sum up how I feel about the whole thing pretty well.

The only disagreement with those two piece is that we lost against the terrorists by fundamentally altering what it is to be an American.

With that I disagree. We didn’t lose. We surrendered.

And because of that, I hold out little hope of our once great nation ever again being able to lay claim to the lofty description “Home of the free and land of the brave”.


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