Petitioning your government for redress of grievances

I doubt that this is news to any of the few regular readers left here (considering my lackluster blogging performance over the past year or so), but just in case any of you haven’t heard about it:

The administration has started a petition web site that allows citizens to submit petitions requesting legislation. If those petitions achieve a minimum number of signatures, the whitehouse will supposedly release a statement on the subject.

Now, I strongly doubt that the Obama administration would seriously consider submitting legislation regarding my pet issues, but, hey, if nothing else, something like this could clue him in that passing legislation (or executive orders, which is his (unconstitutional) legislative tool of choice) in opposition to them might be a bad move politically.

An any rate, there are a few petitions that have been submitted that are worthy of our support, if you don’t mind registering to do so. Might as well face it, if there is a government list that we would want to avoid being on, if you’ve ever bought a gun from a dealer and had a NICS check run, you’re probably already on it.

Anyway, again if you’re willing, here are the petitions that I know about. There may be more:

Support HR822, the National Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act

Repeal the prohibition in the FOPA to own automatic firearms produced after 1986 (Firearms Owners’ Protection Act)

Lead the way in removing silencers from the National Firearms Act.

Lead the way in removing arbitrarily designated “short-barreled” rifles and shotguns from the National Firearms Act.


1 thought on “Petitioning your government for redress of grievances

  1. I don't think the White House will present a bill about their OWN pet projects let alone ones they are hostile to. So overall I think most of those petitions will just be making our voices heard, and give the President an idea which way the wind is blowing if they make the 5k mark.

    MOST of them The exception is the HR 822 petition. There's a good chance HR 822 will make it to the President's desk, if he's heard from the lobbies, the Legislators, and the polls as WELL as a 5,000+ Signature petition, that might be enugh to get him to reconsider the Veto he's probably considering right now as a "Nuclear Option"

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