Next Couple of weeks

Haven’t been blogging much because I just haven’t had much to say. It seems I’ve flogged all the deceased equines to the point where I just can’t find anything new or exciting to ruminate about.

I need to get back into the gunsmithing stuff and write some posts about that, but due to lack of time and fundage, I haven’t even been to the range all year, except that one time to teach a class, let alone having extra money to buy parts, accessories or guns.

Let my range memberships lapse. Haven’t bought any ammo in forever because I haven’t shot any up.

So, for those few who are still around, wondering if I’m ever going to say anything interesting again, thank you. Hopefully someday I’ll get back into it, and I don’t want to close the blog down because I still get people who comment on or e-mail about the “how to” posts I have up and I’m glad someone finds them helpful.

In the mean time, you probably shouldn’t expect anything of import any time soon, but don’t give up on me yet. I may yet get back into the swing of things and start producing some useful content again.

At any rate, the reason I started this post was to let you know I’ll be busy for the next couple of weeks. Heading to New Orleans tomorrow for a conference, back home for one day next weekend, and then immediately heading to Seattle for a week and a half.

I’ll let you know if anything exciting happens while I’m gone.


3 thoughts on “Next Couple of weeks

  1. Sometimes there just isn't much to blog about, and sometimes you just don't feel like blogging. Luckily RSS feeds keep track of your new posts so I don't have to click dozens of different blogs every day.

  2. That's the beauty of feed readers, Curt. If you're not writing, I don't even have to skip over you, but when you *do* write, you pop up to get my attention.

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