Norfolk makes International Headlines

The UK Daily Mail:


A middle school security guard used pepper spray on children after a food fight broke out in the cafeteria.

Schools officials are investigating after the unnamed female guard used the powerful weapon to break up a fight during lunch at Lafayette-Winona Middle School in Norfolk, Virginia.

I heard about this on the news yesterday, but hesitated to post anything because I believe the media about as far as I can throw them.   Collectively.   All at once.

In other words, I don’t trust them at all.

Fortunately, in this case, I have an inside source:  I have a close relationship with a teacher there.

The press is portraying this as a harmless food fight…I get the mental image of kids laughing and throwing spaghetti noodles and bread at each other…and that an incompetent security guard over-reacted by wantonly showering the room with pepper spray.

My source paints a much different picture…which is pretty much as I suspected, considering the neighborhood that this school is in…and my utter mistrust of anything that the media spouts or prints.

Basically, the “children” in this school are out of control.  They’re a bunch of junior, wanna-be thugs from your stereotypical broken home who’ve never learned any discipline or how to function in civilized society.  Fights happen at this school on a daily basis and these “food fights” occur regularly. It basically starts out as one kid throwing food at a rival in an expression of disrespect, a few rounds of counter battery fire by the disrespected and their compatriots, and then rapidly devolves into a violent, multi-participant physical fight.

According to my source, when the security guard tried to stop the food fight before it inevitably turned violent, several of the kids involved rushed toward her, she pepper sprayed them in response to being rushed, not to stop the food fight.  Only about 4 or 5 of the thugs were actually sprayed, but apparently the drama department of this school is very successful because half of the school’s inmates…er…students, lined up at the Nurse’s office to report that they were just too traumatized to continue and needed to be released for the rest of the day.

An interesting side note:  The security guard has been placed on Administrative leave during the investigation.  However, at least one of the kids who instigated the incident was released from custody and was back in school yesterday…at which point this pillar of society was promptly involved in another violent incident which required her to be restrained by the authorities.  Nope…no pattern of violent behavior to see here.  Move along folks.

After talking about it for a few minutes and wondering why this story isn’t being reported more thoroughly and accurately by the media, my source and I came to the conclusion that the school doesn’t want it to be reported accurately.  If they defend the security guard’s actions, the school’s administration would have to admit they are incapable of maintaining order and controlling the children they’ve been charged with overseeing.  That would make them look bad, so it’s easier to just throw the security guard under the bus and hope it all blows over.

Either that, or it’s simply a matter of it being easier for the media to just provide a superficial report about the incident than to actually, you know, commit journalism and investigate things a little bit.

And they wonder why their industry is dying.


1 thought on “Norfolk makes International Headlines

  1. Curtis, I could have almost told you what really happened without reading the rest of your post.

    It is an every day thing in these inner city hell holes. I would not work at one of them for a million dollars. A week. I would be in prison before I got my first paycheck.

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