Preventing Gun violence

While reading an article about another Police abomination pointed out by Mad Rocket Scientist at Random Nuclear Strikes, a minor point in the story just jumped up and slapped me right in the face:

Richards was…charged with aggravated assault of a police officer with a firearm and aggravated unlawful use of a weapon. Police said they found a gun at the scene.

As part of a deal with prosecutors, Richards pleaded guilty in July and was sentenced to a year in prison. Because he had already served 113 days in custody, he spent two more months in prison.

Let’s see.   two months is about 60 days.  Plus 113 days time served = 173 days.

The last time I checked, a year is 365 days long.

So…guy pulls a gun on police, only gets a year, and actually serves less than half of that.

But according to the gun banners, making it more difficult for the millions of people who DON’T pull guns on the cops to buy, keep and use them will cut down on gun violence?

If you believe that one, I’ve got a heck of a deal for you on some oceanfront property in Nevada.


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  1. Actually, they factor in the "time off for good behavior" into your time. As long as you do as your told while you're in, you do about half of the sentence.

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