I went and did some sightseeing today, including a trip to the top of the Space Needle and a bunch of pictures of the Flea Party (Occupy Wall Street Seattle) “protest without a cause”, but apparently Windows 7 64 bit doesn’t support my digital camera.


I have a reader that I can connect to the computer to read the memory card from the camera but I didn’t bring it because I didn’t used to need it.  Sometimes getting a new computer is a pain.

I’ll have pictures for you after I get home next week.

In the mean time, just one comment about the protest.  As I was heading back to the hotel, Pine street was shut down and the protest began marching down the street towards the waterfront, chanting silly things and carrying silly signs.  I get a kick out of penchant that the socialists and outright communists in the Flea Party seem to have for using phrases from our founding documents (about as far from socialist/communist ideals as you can get) on their signs.  Apparently, they’re way too dense to get the irony.  But I digress…

As they were marching, I was walking in the opposite direction.  One of the more Flea Ridden specimens was carrying a hand written sign that said “Ignore me.  Keep on buying”.  Apparently, his goal for the protest is to convince everyone to stop spending money, or something.

I looked him right in the eye, smiled a big smile and said “OK”.

He glared at me, but kept marching.

My little contribution to the counter-protest.


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