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The reason I was in New Orleans last week was to attend the American Public Transportation Association (APTA) convention and trade show.

The only thing even similar to this that I’ve ever attended is the NRA annual convention.  As impressive as that event was, it had nothing on the APTA trade show.

I apologize for the crappy pictures.  Since I was only there for a few days I traveled light so I didn’t take my camera, so the only pictures I got was with my phone.  They may not be production quality, but they’ll at least give you an idea.

They had absolutely everything there that you can imagine, from old school trolleys.

To the latest in Hydrogen Technology.

Double Decker Buses.

Light Rail Vehicles.

Fully functional (less water) automatic bus washes.

Vehicle simulators.  I didn’t stop and ask, but I assume that these are for training operators.

I could post hundreds of pictures of vendors that produce vehicle component parts alone.  Everything imaginable was on display: tires, train wheels, wiring harnesses and connectors, brakes, electronics packages, hydraulics…oh…and engines.

And the piece de resistance:  one enterprising vendor brought in an entire, real, two car passenger train, complete with rails.

How they even got the thing in there is beyond me.

Whatever you think about public transportation, you gotta hand it to the vendors that support the industry…they certainly spare no effort or expense when it comes to making a statement at a trade show.


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