Completely at a loss

I don’t know where to turn.

I’ve discussed my problems with Perry, Romney, Gingrich and the rest before.

Now I’m beginning to have doubts about Herman Cain.

It’s not the fact that someone has brought up some old, unspecific charges of sexual harassment.  That’s not unusual at all for someone in a position of leadership as he was at the time.  The charges, as I’ve seen them so far, seem pretty weak and seem to me more along the lines of someone misconstruing actions or statements that were either completely innocent, or at worst “overly friendly”. 

The charges just don’t seem that serious to me. The fact that the Restaurant Association settled rather than go into litigation doesn’t mean squat either.  Only that the association chose to avoid the publicity and make the issue just “go away”.  The fact that the “victims” agreed to gag orders as a part of the settlement seems especially suspect to me.  If you had genuinely been victimized by someone, wouldn’t you want it made public so they couldn’t continue that type of behavior and continue to victimize others?  Taking a relatively small payout and promising never to tell anyone about it just doesn’t seem reasonable to me to someone who was genuinely victimized.

So, basically, the charges don’t sour me against Herman at all.

What has made me doubt his suitability for the office of President has been the handling of the charges by Herman and his team.

That never happened.
Oh wait, I do vaguely recall something like that happening – I had forgotten.
Oh wait, I guess I did mention something about it to my campaign back when I was running for Senate, but the charges were false and it never amounted to anything.
Oh wait, perhaps I do recall something about a small settlement.
Oh wait, perhaps the settlement was a little larger than I remember.
Oh wait, perhaps the settlement was MUCH larger than I remembered.
This is an attack by the Perry Campaign
Well…maybe it wasn’t an attack by the Perry Campaign…it must be Race Related.

Give me a break Herman.  Can you remember what you had for breakfast yesterday?

That whole cycle calls into question Herman’s ability to perform under stress, to make solid decisions under pressure and to take the time to evaluate things thoroughly before responding “half-cocked”.

And the whole fiasco of blaming the Perry Campaign, which, of course, necessitated him admitting that he had warned a staffer about the event that he had just claimed he had no recollection of during his Senate campaign…a staffer who now works for a company that has done work for Perry.

And it wasn’t “we suspect” or “we believe that it could be so” or “we have a hunch”.

It was “The Perry campaign is definitely behind this and they owe us an apology”

Followed by the accused person denying it and giving blanket approval for any media person he’s spoken to, to “out” him if he was the source.

Followed by the Cain campaign saying “oh…well, maybe it wasn’t THAT guy, but we still think the Perry campaign is behind it”.

Come on guys…this is basic common sense.  You don’t accuse someone of something unless you KNOW they did it and can PROVE it.

Then, Cain had the audacity to play the race card.  Are you KIDDING ME?  

Is this what we can count on from President Cain?  Lies, dissembling, denials, unfounded accusations and just arbitrarily deciding that any criticism is “race related”?

Just writing it all out like this has gelled and clarified it in my mind (which was kind of the point).  I’ve lost all respect for Herman Cain over the past couple of days…not because he was accused of sexual harassment a decade ago, because his REACTION to that accusation has destroyed any confidence I had in his ability to deal with the challenges he’ll face as President in any kind of mature and responsible way.


Now I’ve got NO ONE to vote for in the Republican Primary.  I’ll probably vote for Bachmann, but she doesn’t have a chance in hades of winning. 

And we’re back to RINO Romney probably winning the primary and me voting Democrat in a presidential election for the first time in my life.


Please…someone, anyone, convince me that I’m reading these things wrong and that we’re not in as dire a straights as a nation as I think we are.




5 thoughts on “Completely at a loss

  1. Oh, but we are in dire straits. The field demonstrates rather clearly that those who choose to run for the office are by extension unsuited for the office.

    Politics. *ptui* Well, it is blog fodder, isn't it?

  2. I think I'll go Bachman, too, but I think Romney will win. which means Obama will win the general election. If that's my choice, I don't think I'll waste the energy to vote.

  3. I know a lot of people who are pretty unimpressed with the field right now. Big deal. As someone remarked, "You don't go to war with the army you wish you had, you go to war with the army you've got."
    Romney's a democrat who lies about his party affiliation. We all know that, and the GOP thinks this is a plus. After all that approach worked well with McCain, didn't it?
    Perry's a former Democrat who's a bit out of his league at the national level. Still, he has an enviable record on the economic front and hopefully would be bright enough to pick good advisers.
    Cain has essentially no experience in politics at all, and it shows. The "bimbo eruption" to me has Obama's fingerprints all over it. That's the way Obie has gotten elected in the past, by finding some dirt on an otherwise strong opponent and getting him to drop out. His executive experience should help him in the selection of advisers.

    That said, remember we're electing a president here, not a dictator. A change in control in the House, and Obie is reduced to ruling by decree through agencies like the EPA. It's to the point now that he doesn't have enough support in the Senate to pass any legislation and while the agencies can do a lot of damage, what they do by executive fiat can be undone the same way with new agency heads or, since precedent has been established, temporary Czars who don't have to be approved by the Senate.

  4. Never trust anyone that wants power. I distrust Conservative politicians only slightly more than I distrust Liberal politicians. At least the Liberals are dumb enough to make it clear that they want to use you like cattle. The conservatives are sneaky about it.

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