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“We’re protesting income inequality.  It’s no fair that others have more than we have.

What?  You don’t have as much as we have and you’d like some of ours?  Go fly a kite you slacker bum!”

…the protesters said there are people who have been taking advantage of the movement by sleeping in donated tents and eating donated food.

“I know we’re supposed to be helping the 99 percent, but they need to help us help them by not being a drain on our resources,” said Otto Wagner.

They wouldn’t move their encampment for any minor little reasons like, it’s illegal and it’s a nuisance to the citizens and residents of the area, but they’re more than willing to move it when they feel that such a move would help them protect their donated riches from those poor unfortunates who have nothing.
I guess greed isn’t such a bad thing after all in the right context.

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  1. Being a resident of the Dallas Fort Worth area, I am so tempted to be of community service.

    Wouldn't it be civic minded of me if I went to the homeless shelters in the area and volunteered to drive folks over so they could participate?

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