as in….can’t get any.

As hard as they try and as much help as an eager and supportive media give them, they just can’t get any traction.

How many protesters do you count in this video?

I count four.

A protest of four?

And this is newsworthy enough to send out a camera crew and do a full 2 minute news segment on it?

Either it was a VERY slow news day yesterday, or the media’s bias is showing.


I’m pretty sure I know which one it is.

As an aside:  Notably NOT found newsworthy by the media was the fact that hundreds if not thousands of guns were in the immediate presence of hundreds if not thousands of people at this venue throughout the weekend, and nary a report of mayhem, death-and-destruction or crime was presented.


It’s almost like guns really aren’t the problem after all.

Hat Tip to Joe, who was actually there and mentioned it first, but the story with the video popped up on my Google News Alerts later on in the day.


2 thoughts on “Traction

  1. Can you say "Media bias"?

    I knew you could. Notice that they show all 4 protesters but only 1 pro-rights advocate?

    Not the hundreds of people attending it, not the dozens of people manning the tables.

    Nor do they point out the obvious — if the problem is the law they should be protesting the state legislature.

  2. As usual, they tell the same old lies. No, ANYONE can NOT walk in and buy an assault weapon for cash. There are legal limits on who can buy what as the promoter tried to point out about asking the sellers insure that only state residents are allowed to buy. Those points are always glossed over by the media and those protesting the supposed loophole yet they never seem to be called out on it and it is a HUGE point to let slide by!

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