Excellent use of tax dollars…

…in these tough economic times:

The state of Delaware will hold a “gun buyback” event Dec. 17 at churches in Wilmington and near New Castle in a new effort to get weapons off the streets.Individuals will receive a $150 prepaid debit card for turning in a handgun, $200 for an assault rifle and $100 for shotguns and low-powered hunting rifles. The buyback is being funded by $100,000 in state tax dollars the Legislature appropriated for the pilot program earlier this year.

I think this is the first of these misnamed “gun buy-back” programs I’ve seen that was funded by tax money.  If individuals and organizations want to waste their own money on their feel-good programs, although I disagree with them vehemently and think they do nothing but give criminals a pass, I can at least give them credit for putting their OWN money where their mouths are.

The State of Delaware is soaking their taxpayers to fund criminal activity.  If I lived in Delaware, I’d be livid.

Here’s a letter I sent to the paper and the author of the piece – I’ll let you know if I get a response:

About your article:

The article mentioned the city’s 19th homicide, the fact that no questions will be asked and that the guns will be destroyed immediately, So when I bring in the murder weapon from that 19th homicide with my fingerprints all over it, it will be accepted no questions asked and promptly disposed of, thus precluding me from ever being convicted of that crime, correct?  Gee that works out well for me as a murderer, where do I sign up?

And, let me get this straight because this sounds too good to be true:  I can actually fence all of the guns I’ve stolen – directly to the police no less – for debit cards that are as good as cash money, no questions asked, with no threat of arrest or prosecution?

I better get busy and steal some more, I’ve only got until December 17th to stock up.  Heck, all I’ve gotta do is steal ten or fifteen more guns between now and December 17th and I could pay for my whole Christmas.  What a great bargain.

Some might think It’s kind of a shame that the people I stole the guns from will never get their rightfully owned property back…I mean guns are worth hundreds or thousands of dollars when purchased on the legal market…but I guess getting stolen property back to the victims of the crimes is pretty small potatoes when compared with destroying evidence that could link me to a murder…er…getting guns off the streets, huh?

And all at taxpayer expense.  Double plus good stuff here, because everyone knows that tax money is free.  What with our booming economy and all, I’m sure the taxpayers are more than happy to pay criminals like me good money to dispose of crime guns and fence our stolen goods.

Criminals all over Delaware (and probably many neighboring states as well) salute you.

ps:  From paragraph 2 – “low powered hunting rifle?”  Did you add that term, or was it used by one of the organizers of the event?  If it was used by an organizer, did they specify what they meant by that, because I’ve never heard of a “low powered hunting rifle”? When I’m out stealing guns, all I usually find are high powered hunting rifles like .270, .308 and .30-06 – way more powerful than those wimpy “assault weapon” calibers – what are they offering for those?


2 thoughts on “Excellent use of tax dollars…

  1. Fantastic letter, Sailor. Well done.
    I wondered the same thing about the "low powered hunting rifle." Wondered if my ought-six would qualify.

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