OK…I’ve imported my blog from blogger into wordpress, but here’s my problem:

WordPress didn’t import any of the images from my posts, it just linked to the images on blogger.

That means that if I delete my blogger blog as well as all my other google accounts, all of the several thousand images linked in several thousand posts, just go away.

That would really impair the utility of maintaining my past blog posts…and would make some of the “how to” posts downright useless.

Does anyone know if there is a method or alternate importer that can import not just the posts themselves, but the linked images?

My only other two choices are to leave my blogspot blog up and just not update it any more (which means I can’t delete my google accounts like I wanted to), or manually replace all of the thousands of linked images in my posts to locally stored ones (which would take a significant investment in time).

Any suggestions?


3 thoughts on “Dilemma

  1. Well done. I struggled with the google issue, went so far as to open a WP blogsite. I realized that I am not sufficiently literate in electronic arts to successfully make a move; so in a sense I am held hostage to google, I think.

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