Looks like it’s time to get off my duff

I have a private url and plenty of server space that I’ve been renting for over three years, and I’ve thought, off and on, about moving my blog over there and hosting it on wordpress or whatever (I’d buy Ansible to use, if Robb would ever finish it).

Looks like it’s time to evacuate my bowels or unseat myself from the lavatory.

The Web giant announced Tuesday that it plans to follow the activities of users across nearly all of its ubiquitous sites, including YouTube, Gmail and its leading search engine.

Google has already been collecting some of this information. But for the first time, it is combining data across its Web sites to stitch together a fuller portrait of users.

Among the google products I use are Youtube, Blogger (and the linked photo hosting site Picasa), and I recently opened a Google + account for no particular reason (I wanted to see if it’s better than facebook).

All of those things have non-google alternatives and I actually already have accounts with alternatives to all of them but blogger.  All I need to do is set up blogging software on my domain, move my blog over to there, and cancel all my Google services.  

I’m on it.

I’ll let you know when my url changes.  It would be a shame if my readers (all three of you) couldn’t find me any more 

It may be a little while because I don’t have a lot of spare time to do these types of things, but it will happen.

Maybe I’ll go for a little re-design while I’m at it.  Heck, this could be the impetus I need to get back into blogging regularly…who knows.  Stranger things have happened.


3 thoughts on “Looks like it’s time to get off my duff

  1. What they're doing is changing multiple privacy policies (like the ones from companies they bought) to one single privacy policy, which they even let you read.

    As well as allowing your search results use data from your Google+ feed, or Gmail, or Picassaweb "accounts". For example.

    Whether this is a Good Thing or not depends on the individual.

  2. Yes, but as a part of that, they're also going to be compiling information from all of those sources and adding it to their ongoing database on each and every user.

    Some may not have a problem with that…I do. The entire reason I haven't even considered using the Chrome browser is because of privacy issues and the amount of information it stores and sends back to google on users.

    I simply don't like the idea of a single entity having that much information and control over my online presence. Convenient? Maybe. But convenience isn't and shouldn't always be our first priority.


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