Regarding the Playoffs

I’ve never been a “fan” of the 49er’s, but I had nothing against them either.  Up until a few minutes before game time yesterday, I was rooting for them because it’s been awhile since they’ve been to the big show and I thought they were due.

Right up until the utter disrespect and despicable actions shown by the crowd during the singing of the National Anthem.   I realize they weren’t booing the anthem, but were rather booing something going on on the field, or on the big screens, but the fact that we could barely hear the rendition of our anthem for the cheers and boos absolutely infuriated me.

When I attended the two NFL games I’ve been to, there were, admittedly, some people not showing proper respect during the anthem, but for the most part, the crowd stood, and paid their respects, so I’m pretty sure that egregious behavior is not endemic to the NFL.

The 49ers can bite my keister.  They’ll never get my support again.  If their fans can’t control themselves for two minutes during the national anthem to show their respects to the nation and the service members who were on the field, I have no respect for them. At All.

BTW:  The rendition of the national anthem…at least what I heard of it over the boos and catcalls, was beautiful.


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  1. We were out and missed the opening, and I'm not much of a '9er fan anymore – but that sounds stupid and disgusting. They lost deservedly.

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