Taking off the Training Wheels

If you’ve been reading at my old blog location, you already know that I decided to cut the blogger apron strings and move to my own site as a result of the new Google privacy policy.

Well…here it is.

I still hope that Robb finishes Ansible at some point so I can switch to it, but in the meantime, WordPress will have to do.

As threatened, I did update my theme, partly because I didn’t feel like trying to learn enough about WordPress Themes to match it exactly, but also partly because the old theme was just getting…well…old.

Feedback on the new header image and general format are welcome and appreciated.

As you can probably see by the dearth of information in the links and the lack of other sidebar content, this is still a work in progress, but I think I’ve gotten enough done to bring it online.

I did import all my blogger posts over here, so all the content that was available there is available here, and I set my blogger template to redirect to here.  Eventually, I’ll delete that blog completely, but there are still a bunch of links out there to my “how to” posts and I don’t want to just break all of those links.  I do find it satisfying that all those people find my stuff useful and don’t want to leave them in the lurch.

At any rate, I’ve moved, so please update your bookmarks and, if you have a link to me in your blogroll, please update to the new and improved Captain of a Crew of One at https://sailorcurt.com




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