I’ve officially taken the Red Pill

I’ve unplugged from the network and there’s no going back.

I deleted all of my google accounts today. I’m sure the remnants of my old blog, picassa account, youtube account, etc will all still be around for a while, and the web crawlers will still have them archived, but I no longer have any active Google Accounts.

Granted, it was a pain to move the blog completely over, but it still has surprised me that more people haven’t taken this step as a result of Google’s new Lack of Privacy Policy, but to each his own.

Personally, I have no desire for any company to be able to compile that much information on me from disparate services and sources. It’s not that I have anything to hide…it’s just the whole idea of it. Maybe I’m being silly about the whole thing. Maybe it’s the era I grew up in. I don’t know, but the shades of Big Brother watching my every online move just makes my alarm bells start to jingle a little too much.

Anyway, the deed is done and can’t be undone so it just doesn’t matter at this point. I’m living the google-free life from here on out.


3 thoughts on “I’ve officially taken the Red Pill

  1. Thanks for the post and reminder. I had a Google account from a class that required I use Google Docs for a group project. I used it twice only to exchange the kind of lowest common denominator documents you get in group classroom projects.

    What a nice use of a leap day. Good riddance.

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