I was thinking today (after reading a comment) about why I haven’t been posting much lately.

When I started this blog, it was back in 2005 (I know my posts don’t go back that far, I actually lost a good bunch of early posts during a transition period long ago) and blogging was really just catching on.  There were some very good gun bloggers out there (most of them are still around and still providing excellent content), but I felt that I had something to add to the conversation.

Also at the time, most news outlets didn’t have commenting features so when I read a ridiculously inaccurate anti-gun article or editorial, I could either send in a letter to the editor and hope it got posted (which I often did anyway), or I could comment about it here.

This blog was a way for me to vent, to openly counter the inaccuracies, fallacies and outright lies of the MSM, and to contribute to the conversation.

Along the way I started blogging about my experiences with amateur gunsmithing…which have become my most popular and most sought out posts.

So, what happened?

Well, my wife lost her job several years ago and because of ongoing medical issues has been unable to work.  As a result, our finances have been pretty strained for quite a long time and I just haven’t had the money to continue my gunsmithing experiments.  I even let my range memberships lapse mostly due to lack of funds.  I haven’t been shooting much, I haven’t been doing gunsmithing stuff so I just haven’t had anything to contribute on that front.

As far as the political/media front.  I think that this is a prime example of why I just haven’t felt the need to berate the media on these pages.

The article just screams out to be fisked, debunked and otherwise excoriated…but…check out the comments section.

250 comments at this writing and only a handful support the premise of the article.  Comment after comment pointing out the flaws in the piece and correcting the record.

And this is on the decidedly left leaning Washington Post.

How could I possibly add to that?   We’re winning and more and more people are coming to see the truth.  Even on the Huffing and Puffing Post (which doesn’t deserve a link), anti-gun articles and posts garner huge responses, primarily from those pointing out the flaws and fallacies presented.   I just don’t see the need to repeat the same arguments here when they are being so thoroughly and effectively presented at the source.

As I said, when I started this, there were some gun blogs around…but now just transferring my blogroll from the old blog to the new is a daunting task.  There are literally hundreds of excellent gun bloggers out there, all providing great content on everything from politics, to product reviews to keeping up with the ridiculous rantings of the anti-freedom fanatics, to shooting and self-defense tips.   Good Stuff.

I simply haven’t felt like I had anything to add.  Anything I could possibly say about the myriad subjects out there has already been said, several times, and much better than I possibly could hope to do so, by other and better writers than I.

No…this is not a segue into why I’m shutting the blog down.  I still like to have a place to spill my thoughts when they come to me and I do believe I still have something to contribute, I just haven’t quite discovered my niche yet.   I will.

Basically, I just wanted to share what little I could in the way of explanation and to take this opportunity to thank those who’ve stuck with me all these years, even during the times that I just haven’t had much to say.

Thanks for hanging in there.  So will I.


9 thoughts on “Musing

  1. You realize what that means, right? It’s time for you to take up smallbore bullseye pistol over at NCRR and blog about everything you’re learning from doing that.

  2. Forgot to mention.. Great job on moving your blog. The menu at the top is very clean and focused. I like that the post specific pages don’t have the side bars. It makes for easy reading. The “social media pros” will tell you to keep all the busy stuff on there to engage and keep people, but I’m odd and like the clear page.

    I like the new template very much. Please tell us what it is?

  3. Curt, I know exactly what you mean. Been through several phases of trying to figure out what to do with my little spot on the ‘net. I finally just decided to enjoy life, and hope that the blogging flows from that. Man…when I go back and look at some of my old stuff, and compare it to the junk I’m doing now, it DOES make me want to shut it down…or do re-runs. Nyuk.

    Pal, you are in my Feedreader, and any time you get a notion to post, I’ll read it.

  4. I hear ya….

    I go in fits and waves. Sometimes the content comes, sometimes it doesn’t. Many times I have articles I mean to post up but get delayed and others cover it in the mean time.

    Others I’ve had but failed to post, and need too… I have three on my MUST DO list.

  5. Reminds me a bit of someone who said “I spent a lot of time on a post, got NO comments and was kind of annoyed. Then I found out people didn’t comment because they agreed with it!”

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