There are not enough hours in the day.

In keeping with the Military Tradition in which I was steeped for many years, I am not permitted to identify a problem (translation: complain) without offering at least one potential solution.

Here is my proposal:

We need to change to a 48 minute hour.

Doing this would change the available daily hours from 24 to 30, thereby giving us MUCH more time to get done everything that needs to be done in any given day.

Considering that the government can just decide to declare what time it is at a certain point of the day for no reason other than that they feel like it, the precedent is set and it should be no trouble whatsoever for them to simply declare that from henceforth onward, each hour will be composed of 48 minutes.

Of course there would need to be huge government subsidies, tax credits and grants to cover the costs of changing all of our clocks, but the benefit to me personally would far outweigh any costs passed on to you as a taxpayer, so I say: go for it.

What do you say, up for having an extra six hours to play with every day?


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