Cumberland Gap Inn

I’ve got some more to write about the recent family motorcycle trip, but one of the first things I want to do is a couple of reviews.

My family (on Dad’s side) is originally from Claiborne County Tennessee, just south of Cumberland Gap. My uncle wanted to do some genealogy research on our trip so we spent the whole week in the Cumberland Gap area.

As usual, click all pix to make bigger

During our stay in the area we occupied the Cumberland Gap Inn right in bustling downtown Cumberland Gap.

They don’t have a web site up yet so I can’t link, but they are under new management. We had the privilege of meeting the new owners (as you would too if you stay there, they actually run the place…no absent management here) and they were very kind, personable and just good people all around.

They’ve been working very hard to update and improve the rooms and I have to say we were very impressed. The hotel is well maintained and very clean, the rooms are large, the beds are comfortable, and they even have a quiet little “back porch” to sit at of an evening and relax.

Perhaps not as fancy and upscale as a hotel in downtown Seattle or Portland, but they made us feel very welcome and “at home” and the accommodations were, in my book, first rate.

If you’re ever in the area on vacation or just passing through, I highly recommend a stay at the Cumberland Gap Inn.

By the way…you see that outcropping of rock sticking out from the mountaintop just to the left of the top of the flagpole? That’s called the Pinnacle.

This is what the Cumberland Gap Inn looks like from way up there.

And zoomed in with a 200mm lens.

That red vehicle there in front is The Wife’s car.


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