This was NOT a hate crime

Because we say so:

Six teenagers, who according to a police report “were just bored and were looking for something to do,” ambushed Mahaney from behind as he turned off Simpson Avenue onto Dallas Avenue. He was immediately knocked unconscious.

“It was a heinous crime but it was not a hate crime,” said North College Hill Police Chief Gary Foust of the teens, who are all black.

Of course, that little tidbit wasn’t revealed until two thirds of the way through the story. And the brief NBC mention of the incident didn’t include the minor little detail of the respective races of the people involved at all.

I wonder: if the races of the actors had been reversed, would the story have been presented in the same manner?

Or would the media have accepted quite so unquestioningly, the police’s assertion that this wasn’t a hate crime, but just a case of a bunch of bored kids.

I bet George Zimmerman has some insight into the answers to those questions.

And they wonder why their industry is dying.

In other news…somebody call Guinness. I think (the web site of the Cincinnati Enquirer) just broke the record for the number of typographical and grammatical errors in one “news” story. It was almost physically painful to read that story. LAYERS of editorial oversight.

Update: Even more interesting, there is an almost identical story posted at “” rather than “”, but lacking two major characteristics of the story posted at “news…”.

The typos are missing, so apparently the Community Press department needs to loan the News department an editor or two, but in addition to editing out the typos and grammatical errors, the small part that identifies the race of the perpetrators, as well as the Police denial that this was a hate crime, has also been edited out.

It wouldn’t surprise me if the heavily typo’d and politically incorrect version at disappears down the memory hole at some point. Just in case, here is a screenshot of the original for posterity:

Click for full sized image


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