Cutting the cable

Actually, The Wife and I cut the cable about a year ago. We got rid of cable TV (still have high speed internet through the cable company but that’s all) and got a Roku to watch Netflix on (we tried Hulu Plus but its Roku interface is TERRIBLE so we got rid of it).

We’ve been using a small square antenna near the TV to get broadcast TV, but we were constantly having to futz with the antenna to get the signal to come in clearly and whenever a low flying plane flew over (a regular occurrence living 3 miles from the Naval Air Station I worked at for about 20 years) we’d lose the station completely.

About the only thing we watch anyway is football, but when the games are on, it’s very frustrating to keep losing the signal.

So, yesterday, I bought one of those old-school aluminum antennas that all of us over the age of about 40 grew up with. I installed it in the attic for several reasons, but I thought that would give me a strong enough signal…and I was right. Works great.

It wasn’t as easy as I thought it was going to be. I thought the old cable wire for that room ran from the attic down the wall and all I’d have to do is cut that in the attic, put on a connector and hook it to the antenna.

Nope. Apparently that cable run comes up from under the house, so I had to run a cable down the wall from the attic. Not fun. But other than that, it was a snap and now my reception is clear as day.

After getting a good antenna hooked up, I realized just how many broadcast stations I can get around here. There are at least 10 that come in crystal clear and three more that I could get if I was willing to move the antenna aiming point to do it.

Most of them in Hi Def to boot.

Gone are the days of my youth when we got the three networks, the local PBS affiliate, and, if we turned our antenna just right, the local station out of Fort Wayne that always looked like they were in the midst of battling a blizzard.

Heck, with the quality of the digital broadcasts, and the number of stations available over the air, who needs cable anyway? It’s just not worth the ridiculous amounts they want any more.

At any rate, if you do decide to cut the cord, I highly recommend a quality old-school aluminum antenna mounted high enough to get a clear signal. It will save you lots of frustration in trying to watch the shows you want to see.


1 thought on “Cutting the cable

  1. And I was so proud of being frozen out of my favorite addicting Facebook game yesterday, like I might rejoin the real world. And then I read you can live without cable, ah, a real life almost frightens me.

    Is there a football season on? I was sure they were still trying to train the replacement referee staff.

    Enjoy the adventure!

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