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Something I don’t believe I’ve ever mentioned before on my blog:

According to family lore, I am 1/16th Blackfoot Indian. According to my parents, my Maternal Great-Great Grandmother was a full-blooded Blackfoot.

Although I wasn’t raised in any sort of American Indian tradition and don’t consider myself to be any more “Native American” than any other red-blooded, born in the USA redneck, I’m reasonably proud of that heritage, if for no other reason than because it’s another family link to the beginnings of this once-great nation.

I imagine that I’m just as proud of the heritage my parents related to me as Elizabeth Warren is of the heritage passed down to her from her parents.

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But you know what’s different between us (other than the obvious fact that I allegedly have twice as much Indian DNA as she allegedly does)?

Nowhere…not in my college applications, not in my Navy Enlistment paperwork, not on a single job application, not on a social networking site, not in any formal way have I EVER claimed minority status.

As far as I’m concerned, I don’t care if you’re doing it to get a job, get Tenure at Harvard, or to meet people and get dates, if you’re going to claim something like that in any formal way, you’d better have better evidence than “My parents told me…”

I love my parents and I do not think they would intentionally lie to me. But sometimes family lore can get a bit…um…exaggerated…over the years of being handed down from generation to generation.

For example: I was under the impression that I had ancestors (brothers) named Whet Stone and Flint Stone. Much to my chagrin, while on the family motorcycle trip this summer and doing some genealogy research, I came to the realization that “Flint” was actually Whet’s brother’s MIDDLE name, not his first name.

How disappointing is that?

Anyway, the point is: I don’t care why she made the claim or whether she received any personal gain from it. Making a formal claim of American Indian heritage without a shred of proof other than “family lore” is unethical, dishonest and wrong, and speaks volumes to the candidate’s character.

Good on Scott Brown for continuing to go after her on this issue.

Hat tip to Hot Air


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