Political Saviors

I wrote this this morning, but I hesitated to post it. I realize I’ve been very negative lately…but I can’t escape the fact that this is what I really believe. So here goes:

I haven’t been talking much about politics lately because I see it as so pointless and it’s so depressing for me.

I do still read a lot of political blogs and keep up with the “news”, and I just don’t understand what’s going on. Maybe I’m just getting old with all these things I don’t understand lately.

Anyway…why does everyone seem to think that the Future of Our Nation (and possibly the world) hinges on this November?

Do they REALLY expect anything substantial to change? Our choices are an establishment, big government leftist and an establishment, big government, slightly less leftist.

Are they expecting Romney to come into office and somehow un-set the precedent of the President legislating by executive order that Obama (and, to be sure, the presidents before him) has set?


Other than, perhaps, George Washington, can someone name a single, solitary President who has voluntarily given up power once the precedent has been set?

Do they really think that Romney is going to come in to office, repeal Obamacare, get the government out of our lives, get the deficit under control and start paying off the national debt?


A Romney administration may make some sort of symbolic effort to decrease the annual increases in government spending (that will be portrayed by the media as horrifically slashing budgets that will cause poor people to starve, old people to die, young people to grow up stupid, the ice caps to melt, the oceans to rise, tornadoes, earthquakes, swine flu outbreaks, poor box office returns, low credit scores and bad breath), but real reform? In your dreams. The kinds of cuts that would be necessary to do that would be political suicide.

Romney may even sign into law a repeal of Obamacare, but I can hear the cries already: “But what will we replace it with?”. It won’t be a week before we start hearing about Obamacare lite…repackaged as Romneycare, and only encompassing 2,405 pages, rather than the 2,409 of the “Affordable Care Act” that is anything but.

And what is going to change? 4 years from now we’ll be going through all this over again. Do you think the perpetual victims are going to change their spots under Romney? Do you think the leftists are going to magically come to understand and accept the principles of a free market, capitalist economy in the interim? That the nanny-staters will suddenly realize that their attempts to dictate how everyone else must live their lives were misguided?


The odds are, the economy isn’t going to get significantly better over the next four years no matter what Romney does. If they have the political fortitude to make the real, difficult reforms that are needed to turn things around, the public and media outcry would be incessant and deafening. The reforms necessary would be painful and would actually cause the economy to get worse before it could possibly get better.

If they don’t (as is inevitable) have the fortitude to do more than rearrange the deck chairs, we may see some small improvements as a result of people having a better outlook and more confidence…businesses may hire a few more people and invest in growth if they’re a little more confident about what the short therm future may hold in terms of taxes and regulations, but the root causes of our problems will remain unaddressed and, as a result, nothing real will change.

So we’ll be going through this again in four years, hearing the same promises and arguments and character assassinations…and edging ever closer to the inevitable collapse when the proverbial house of cards comes tumbling down.

If, of course, that doesn’t happen in the next four years…which is a distinct possibility.

Then what?

The survival of our nation doesn’t hinge on this election. It hinged on the past ten or twenty elections, and we weren’t up to the task. We’ve already failed and our nation is nothing like the land of the free and home of the brave that our founders envisioned. The cancers of socialism and cronyism have metastasized. We aren’t willing to endure the painful side effects of any potential cure, so it’s just a matter of time before the life support machines just can’t keep up any more and we simply succumb to the inevitable.

Everything that has a beginning, has an end.


7 thoughts on “Political Saviors

  1. Can’t add a thing. We will have to go through an enormous amount of pain and who is president will not prevent that. Both parties are supported by the same people and they willdrag things out as long as they can.

  2. Writing this reply as I read, but your last line caught my eye. “Everything that has a beginning, has an end, [Neo].” Great quote. Reminds me of another one.
    Riddick: You said it’s all circling the drain, the whole universe. Right?
    Imam: That’s right.
    Riddick: Had to end sometime.

    I agree with a lot of what you’ve got to say in this post. Starting to think that putting the pedal to the metal might get us through this mess faster than trying to change course or stop the ship (as if there is ever any stopping it). This election, more than any I remember in my lifetime is quickly becoming a choice between a giant douche and a turd sandwich. Which is what I thought last time, and the time before…

    Pretty close to just making other plans that Tuesday. Maybe take a whole day at the range. Ever since your videos helped me diagnose and rebuild my CZ 82 I’ve been meaning to really stress test that bugger. I’ve actually been finding substantial amounts of ammo at nearly every shop in the last year too. I lost the link for that guy who makes the amazing grips for that pistol though, would you happen to have it handy?

    Thanks for all the great reading material, positive or not you are always a good read.

  3. Thanks for the kind words. Glad to hear that my CZ-82 posts helped you. Those get more traffic (and generate more e-mail) than anything else on the blog.

    I’m still kicking around the idea of voting for Obama. Why put it off? keep going full tilt until it all collapses…the earlier that happens, the earlier we can start getting to the hard work of putting something worthwhile back together.

    Of course, that presupposes that we CAN put back together something that is worthwhile, and don’t end up with just another in the long line of dismal human failures in the form of some sort of oppressive, totalitarian regime.

    My firm believe is that the majority of humanity desires nothing more than (and, therefore, is fit for nothing more than) slavery. The majority of humanity doesn’t want to be FREE; to be free is hard work. It means being responsible for yourself and the consequences of your decisions…even the bad ones.

    Most people want security MUCH more than freedom. They don’t want to be responsible for themselves, they want to be cared for by someone else.

    And that is what brings about the inevitable downfall of every human government.

  4. Piffle. We have what we’ve chosen. This isn’t up to the POTUS when we’ve not varied in our voting habits in over a hundred years. The Powers That Be know that we’re so fanatical for our “two party system” religion, that we’ll sell out our kids for our present comforts, send them off to die to assuage our fears of men with exploding underpants, pay ever more in taxes while we give up our liberties…and still vote for the same crony network…no matter what.
    No Matter What.
    As long as we vote like slaves, our employees will ever more act like masters. It’s our choice. We did this. We The People have nobody else to blame.
    We could fix it anytime we choose.
    I shudder to think what our revolutionary founders would think of our sissy surrenders in the voting booth. I can only imagine what Patrick Henry would say to this generation as we sniffle and whine…”but I don’t want to Waste My Vote…”

  5. Yeah, we’re between a rock and a hard place. Voting for obeyme (or his ilk) to ‘get it over with’ will just legitimize and entrench the left-wing fascists, and give them a leg up in becoming the king-of-the-hill after the collapse of our society. On the other hand, voting republican in order to ‘not waste my vote’ is short term tactical thinking that only delays the disaster (and to what extent is the GOP establishment different from the DNC?). Voting 3rd party, whether on principle or protest, is like being the voice in the wilderness–to paraphrase Zen Buddhism, does a falling tree make a sound if no one is listening?
    I was excited about the tea party not just rearranging the chairs on the GOP deck, but turning them over. Hopefully some real change will come out of it, otherwise, fill a bug-out-bag with guns, ammo, cash, MREs etc. and pray!

  6. Couldn’t agree LESS! If your idea is to “give up”, I hope you realize what you are caving on. The next POTUS will nominate 2-3 Supreme Court judges that will sit on the bench for 20-40 years. Will voting for Romney “guarantee” a better judge? I don’t know, but if you are looking for a “guarantee”, go buy a dishwasher or something. I WILL guarantee Obama will appoint someone like the other 2 he has put on the bench. Remember that Heller case? 5-4 decision. The McDonald case? 5-4 decision. You want to take the chance the liberlas will get their wish and “re-consider” those cases and “decide” that, yes, really the 2nd amendment is “really, really” about the state governments MILITIA, and there is NO RIGHT for an “individual” to have ANY gunz. So if you don’t care about this because the maths is too hard, find a new hobby cuz you ain’t gonna have any gunz real soon.

  7. You can interpret it as “giving up”. I haven’t given up on our society…or at least certain portions of it…but I have to admit that I’ve pretty much given up on our government. I just don’t have much hope that Romney is going to be significantly different than Obama. He’ll be marginally different, slowing our inevitable progression to downfall, but he won’t stop it or reverse the trend by any means.

    I agree with Andy Horning to a point, the only way to break out of this cycle is to get out of the two party system and expand the choices we have available to us.

    The problems with that idea are many-fold…the entrenched members of our current two-headed political beast don’t want it to happen so, being that they get to write the rules and all, they work very hard to make it virtually impossible for competition to arise.

    Our government run education system is another reason. We are indoctrinating our kids almost from birth that our current two party system is the bees knees. That government is good and is there to protect and coddle and nurture them and that they can’t survive without the benevolent hand of government caring for them. This has been going on for generations. I remember (and now recognize) the indoctrinations from my youth (that I didn’t recognize at the time) and that was in the ’70’s and early ’80’s. It’s several orders of magnitude worse now. The school systems back then were still fighting against the self-sufficiency and individualism that our parents instilled into us. The kids now days don’t have that benefit as their parents (and possibly grandparents) are products of the government indoctrination system as well. The schools no longer have to counteract the lessons learned at home, they only have to reinforce them.

    Those that continue on to college right after high school receive this indoctrination non-stop for upwards of two decades of their most formative years. Is it any wonder that so many buy into it and so few would even THINK to consider that their might be a better way?

    Another issue is the flat ignorance, apathy and dependence of a very large minority (almost a majority, but not quite there yet), of the population who is dependent on the government for their very survival. A good number of them don’t have the education or capacity to see any other way, had they the interest to even consider it in between re-runs of Jerry Springer and Surviving The Great Race With The Stars. The ones who might have the education and capacity to consider the issue are held back by the simple fact that they don’t want their EBC cards to be canceled or their Obama Phones turned off.

    Of the remaining 53 percent of the population, a goodly portion of them are government employees at some level. You think THEY want to see a fundamental change in the structure of their sugar daddy…er…our government?

    And a smaller, but still significant, number of them are in employee unions who’s thuggery and corruption is explicitly protected by the status quo.

    What remains is a TINY minority who actually values the animating contest of liberty more than the comfort and security of slavery.

    So, we have a small minority who are in power and want to stay that way, coupled with a large majority who were either brainwashed into, are dependent upon, or simply don’t care enough to make a decision about, supporting that endeavor

    Versus a tiny minority who’d rather not have to be involved in all this stuff in the first place because our primary desire is just to be left the hell alone to live our lives and succeed or fail on our own merits.

    I simply don’t see any path to success for the Andy Hornings of the world. They’re trying to herd cats…a very small herd of cats….who very much don’t want to be herded ANYWHERE, by ANYONE…to rise up and overcome the huge majority that is already in power and is very determined to stay that way.

    You really think that a couple of Supreme Court nominations is going to change the trajectory of this country? They may affect the speed somewhat, but they aren’t going to change the course a whit.

    And that’s assuming that Romney has the desire and fortitude to nominate true conservatives in the first place…which, considering his history when he was a Governor, I’m not at all convinced is a foregone conclusion…especially if his party doesn’t have a supermajority in the Senate…and what are the odds of that happening?

    Sorry my friend, but this election really isn’t all that important in the grand scheme of things. We’re already headed uncontrollably toward the cliff, it’s just a matter of when we fall off, not if.

    And, if we haven’t fallen off the cliff by then, four years from now, the same pundits and talking heads will again be trying to convince us that “this is the most important election of our lifetime”. And it, again, will not be. That ship sailed long ago.

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