“I think that blacks are either not responsible enough or not intelligent enough to obtain even the most basic forms of identification…so you’re a racist.”

“Even though the majority of people in this country receiving welfare, housing assistance and/or food stamps are white, whenever you mention those programs, I think exclusively of poor black people…so you’re a racist.”

Original video deleted at source

I do agree with one of the things he said toward the end of his diatribe:

“[black political activity in 2008] didn’t seem like a political movement as much as it felt like a fan club”.

But, of course it’s never racist to vote FOR someone solely because they’re black, it’s only racist to vote AGAINST someone that happens to be black, even if race had nothing to do with it.

Racism is most definitely alive and well in today’s United States of America. It just has a slightly different flavor than in past eras.


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