Every person who voted absentee in Virginia this year (and probably in years past as well) has committed Perjury.

Exhibit A:

Please note the highlighted words.

Note that the statement does not say “unduly influenced”, “unlawfully influenced”, “forcibly influenced” etc…it only says “I have not been influenced.”

If one watched any of the debates, heard any of the political ads, read any of the editorials, reviewed the candidate’s web sites, or knows anything whatsoever about any of the candidates, they will have been necessarily influenced by that information or knowledge; therefore, they committed perjury when signing the absentee ballot statement.

Heck, even if the person knows NOTHING about politics or the candidates, they are still influenced by their past history, cultural experiences, genetic predispositions, personal likes and dislikes etc.

Not a single person in the world can claim to have made any decision in their life free from any influences whatsoever.

We’re all perjurers.


2 thoughts on “Perjury

  1. I never voted absentee in Virginia since the law doesn’t allow one to vote absentee for mere convenience. The requirements for voting absentee were pretty severe, and I never met them, even when I was working long days in Maryland while living in Sterling.

    I’m back in Texas now where we have both early voting and absentee voting, so for the 90+% of folks who know for whom they’re voting well in advance, it’s much more convenient.

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