The Elephant in the Room

Perhaps someone has mentioned this before and I just haven’t seen it, but in the discussions I’ve seen about how evil assault weapons are the “weapon of choice” of mass murderers, no one seems to be mentioning the obvious.

I’ve seen mention that modern semi-automatic rifles are no different functionally than any other semi-automatic rifle.

I’ve seen mention that there are valid self and home defense purposes for modern rifles.

I’ve seen mention that there are valid hunting purposes for modern rifles.

I’ve seen mention that rifles are rarely used in crimes of any type.

I’ve seen mention that most traditional hunting rifles are more powerful than modern rifles.

But what I haven’t seen is this:

Modern semi-automatic rifles are, by far, the most popular rifles in the US. They are everywhere. Virtually every one at the rifle range has one with them, even if they also have a more traditional pattern rifle as well.

If 80% of the vehicles sold were blue, it would stand to reason that the majority of drunk drivers would “prefer” blue vehicles because they are the easiest to get their hands on just by pure numbers.

If, as a result, legislation were passed banning blue cars, would the incidence of drunk driving go down simply because the preferred color of car for drunk drivers was no longer available?

Silly isn’t it?

So why isn’t silly when we are talking about the cosmetic features of guns rather than the cosmetic features of cars?


1 thought on “The Elephant in the Room

  1. First blue cars. No worries when that doesn’t work. There are always other colors to ban. Then cars with more than 3 cylinders. Maybe even tires. It’s the tires! If not for the wheel there would be no drunk drivers. Damn wheels! All reasonable people see that we must ban wheels now. For the children.

    First the scary black guns. Then the ones with stocks and triggers? It’s all about precedents and incremental change.

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