We’re winning

Today, Robb mentioned some evidence he saw that we’re winning the gun rights argument in the sphere of public opinion and acceptance.

Last week while on a business trip to Portland Oregon, I witnessed further, and very convincing, evidence of the same.

I was working in an office with 2 men and about 7 women. I sometimes mention my “hobby” and affiliation while I’m working, and it’s never turned out badly for me. I know my company doesn’t mind, so I don’t exactly try to keep it a secret. On this particular business trip, however, it hadn’t come up so I hadn’t mentioned it.

Out of the blue, one of the female co-workers started talking about she and her husband going to get in some archery and shooting during the upcoming weekend. We all started talking about it a bit and discussing the shooting sports.

One of the younger women said she’d never fired a gun. Didn’t have anything against them, just had never had the opportunity present itself. After pretty much everyone in the room expressed varying levels of surprise that she’d never done it, she was promptly invited to the weekend shooting session and accepted.

During the course of the conversation, the unanimous conclusion was that shooting was wonderful fun, promoted self-discipline and concentration, and everyone, whether they intend to take up the sports or not, should learn how to safely handle and shoot a variety of firearms.

This was voiced by everyone. Even the women. On the Left Coast.

Granted, Portland isn’t exactly Berkeley or Chicago, but it isn’t Bucksnort Tennessee either. I was pleasantly surprised at how many of the Portlandians (Portlandites? Portlanders? whatever) were not only shooters and were well informed about firearms use, safety and politics, but also how many of them were of the female persuasion…who are traditionally the most reluctant to embrace the shooting sports.

We’re winning. Keep it up.


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