Things should be banned to prevent irrational people from panicking

…Or something

INDIANAPOLIS – The IUPUI campus is on lockdown after reports of a man with a gun on campus.

“IUPUI Alert! Man with long gun seen in lot at Barnhill and Vermont. Seek shelter,” a text alert sent by the school just before 1 p.m. read.

Professor Trevor Potts told RTV6 on the phone that the mood was tense on campus.

“Everyone’s doing a very good job of staying calm and staying inside,” he said. “I think this speaks to those who would argue for guns on campus, I think this is a rationale for why this is not a good idea, myself.” [Emphasis added – ed]

So…basically…someone THINKS they see someone with a rifle in a parking lot and reports it.

The school administration goes into full blown panic mode and locks the place down for 4 hours.

No rifle or perpetrator is ever found…but this is a reason to continue banning guns on campus…because irrational people panic and overreact when they see something vaguely gun-shaped in the vicinity.


Remember now, this is one of the people we entrust with “educating” our children. If you have kids in college (or in any school for that matter), I hope you’re providing them with adequate counter-indoctrination. This is the kind of idiocy they are exposed to on a daily basis.

Hat tip to bff CB via e-mail.


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