I don’t understand…

Can someone explain to me why it is virtually impossible to find .22lr ammunition right now?

Do people think it’s going to be banned? Or taxed? Or restricted in some way?

I can understand stocking up on .223 or 9mm or any of the “evil” calibers that may be threatened, but .22lr?

I’ve got about a brick and a half in my ammo locker, but I’ve got 6 new shooters to take to the range in a couple of weeks. I always start new shooters off with .22lr and I’m afraid if I shoot up what I’ve got, I won’t be able to get more.

Anybody know where I can pick up a brick or two of .22lr?


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  1. Kim DuToit’s advice about having a minimum of 1000 rounds of ammo for each caliber you own seems like wise advice these days, doesn’t it? And he recommended more than 1000 for .22LR, because it *was* so cheap. Nowadays I see gun-oriented Facebook pages offering bricks of .22LR as contest giveaways!

    From what I’ve read gun owners are waiting at the big box stores (Wal-Mart, Cabela’s, et. al.) on known delivery days, and grabbing as quick as its unloaded from the truck. The stores sometimes have limits per customer…sometimes not. And the factories are running 24/7 to try and meet the demand.

  2. Maybe people are grabbing it because it’s cheap and universal. Fewer will buy a box of .243 “just because” or seeing that it may have increasing value. Fewer people probably shoot .243 much. I’m thinking even if I didn’t have anything chambered for .22 LR, I’d probably pick some up. They’re cheap rounds. They have a basic value. And if you need some .243, I’m guessing offering to trade some .22 might get you the deal. How can you go wrong. That’s my thoughts on the .22’s.

    I don’t drink. But I have a few bottles of (brand name, but not expensive) bourbon sealed tight in the basement. I’m guessing the retail prices will climb with inflation and make the hooch a friendly hedge. Nice gifts if nothing else. Better yet, if Bloomberg is our next POTUS, having actual fifths (750 ml bottles) will bring a collectable premium. If I’m allowed to possess or sell such products.

  3. Reason #1 – fewer people shooting their center fire calibers and more people practicing with rimfire.

    Reason#2 – more manufacturers offering slides and adapters for pistols and rifles to use .22 LR

    Reason#3 – people recognizing the barter potential of .22 LR.

    Reason#4 – people are looking realistically at grid down/SHTF scenarios happening in the near/mid future and taking steps.

    Reason#5 – people realistically evaluate the chances of anti-rights cultists stopping with ‘large capacity magazine’ or ‘assault weapon’ bans and are stocking up on anything and everything useful because they know this will never end.

    Reason #6 —and I’m afraid if I shoot up what I’ve got, I won’t be able to get more. Lots of folks thinking like this.

  4. I’m in Canada and there are rumours here that the US will not be exporting any more .22LR to us in the forseeable future. I bought out several big box stores a couple of weeks ago and they still haven’t replenished their shelves.
    Also, it doesn’t help that the US Government is buying up and destroying ammo at an alarming rate. They can’t legally take your guns, but your constitution doesn’t protect your bullets. Bummer.

  5. The only .22 I have seen in the last 6 months is .22LR snake shot. Useles unless you are killing snakes or rodents (up close).

    I think Bob S. is spot on with his multiple reasons for the shortage.

  6. I’ve heard that lots of folks are “scalping” .22 ammo. Buying it at Walmart when it comes off the truck and then turning around and putting it up on Gunbroker.com and similar sites at exhorbitant prices. I kind of hope that they end up stuck with a bunch of it. 🙁

  7. All Around. Olin who makes Winchester is backlogged half billion in sales. They hope to catch up by end of year. this comes from the 10Q SEC filings. this also occurred in 2009 and cleared by september. win white box 9mm went from 10$ to 24$ at wall mart. hate to see what it goes to next year. I compete and it is getting expensive. I train with Air Soft to save on ammo. But to be decent I need 600 rounds a month. 22lr also got hit hard a lot of folks bought conversion kits for the M4 and Glocks. So they could train with 22. in PA an estate sale 41$ a block 0f 500 22lr.

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