Intolerant tolerance

I’m actually speechless at the idiocy and blatant hypocrisy on display here.

Most offensive to Kirby and others was that one student chose to wear a Confederate flag — for many a grim reminder of slavery and segregation.

The student, who is from a state where the flag is more prevalent, did not see a negative connotation, the superintendent said.

Maureen Costello, director of the Teaching Tolerance program at the Southern Poverty Law Center in Montgomery, Ala., said schools would do well to adopt the slogan of physicians: Do no harm.

“Do no harm to a student’s sense of identity,” she said. “Everyone should feel welcome.”

Unless, of course, part of your sense of identity involves a confederate flag…in which case you’re NOT welcome.

Or involves Christianity, or doesn’t support re-defining marriage into something it isn’t, or disapproves of murdering the unborn, or supports the US Constitution, etc. etc. etc.

The overall story is about how horrible it was that a school hosted a “redneck day”. At one point, they mention the evils of stereotyping and how hurtful that can be. Strangely, they didn’t seem to be able to find any offended members of the group that was stereotyped to quote abut how terrible it was, only NAACP and SPLC members.

Funny that.


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  2. Um…no I didn’t know. I closed the old blog and cancelled all my google accounts long ago. I can’t even get back into the dashboard to manage it.

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