Does the media WANT riots?

Based on their reporting of the Zimmerman trial, I have to think that they do.

I don’t generally watch the news except when I’m on the road…which I am right now. I turn on the news in the morning while I’m preparing for work.

Every time they report on the Zimmerman trial, they do so in a way that makes the prosecution case look good and the defense case look weak.

If you read any of the many blogs that are covering the trial (see Legal Insurrection for live streaming, daily analysis and witness videos) the story is exactly the opposite.

Watching the videos of witness testimony, I have to agree. The prosecution case is very weak, many of their witnesses do more for the defense than the prosecution, the defense cross-examinations have been devastating to the state’s case and the state has been forced to treat their own witnesses in a hostile manner and try to undermine their testimony after cross.

The state is grasping at straws in a desperate effort to get a couple of questionable incidents in Zimmerman’s distant past introduced to try to impugn his character.

If things keep going the way they have been, I can’t possibly see any conscientious jury convicting.

At which point, anyone who’s been relying on the media for their information is going to be very confused about what happened, they’re going to assume that “the fix was in” or that it was racial (no blacks on the jury) because, according to the media they’ve been watching, there would be no apparent reason for the innocent verdict.

I can’t decide if the media is reporting it the way they are because they are simply incapable of reporting something truthfully rather than according to the way they WANT the world to be, or because they are actively hoping for riots after the verdict (perhaps to have something exciting to report to increase their ratings???).


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