State’s case Vs Zimmerman

Listening to the Zimmerman Trial live.

Cross-examining a medical examiner expert witness right now.

ME testified that George Zimmerman’s injuries were consistent with a punch to the nose and then head striking concrete repeatedly, that Martin’s hand injury was consistent with punching someone and that the gunshot wound was consistent with shooting up into someone who is on top.

State’s cross: “Isn’t it possible that someone could get injuries by, say, bumping their head against a tree branch?” “Isn’t it possible that Martin may have injured his hand in some other way than punching?” “Isn’t it possible that some weird, implausible, million to one occurrence could have made the gunshot LOOK like it was fired up into someone on top, but really wasn’t?”

Apparently, the state’s case revolves around “it COULD have POSSIBLY happened in a way other than the way that all the evidence is consistent with, so obviously Zimmerman was lying”.

Or something.

Every piece of evidence*, every witness (including the State’s witnesses…including their STAR witness) supports Zimmerman’s account of how the event took place.

So the State’s only recourse is to muddy the waters and imply that it might have POSSIBLY happened in some other way.

Apparently the State is unfamiliar with the premise that it is THEIR responsibility to prove the elements of the crime “beyond a reasonable doubt”.

I cannot imagine a jury that would find any defendant guilty with the evidence that’s been presented in this case.

*Possible exception: Sabrina Fulton (Martin’s Mother) testified that the voice yelling for help on the 911 tape was Martin, which would tend to disprove Zimmerman’s account of events…however, two other family members (Martin’s half-brother and Father) said variously that they weren’t sure, or it wasn’t Martin screaming, and then changed their stories later. The defense provided several witnesses who testified with conviction that the voice of the screamer was Zimmerman, so I feel that, at best, this single piece of evidence that might tend to disprove Zimmerman’s story is a wash and it is still unclear, based on the audio, who was screaming for help. There is significant other evidence that supports the claim that Zimmerman was the one crying for help…not the least of which was the witness who saw them fighting just before the fatal shot and testified that Martin was on top, apparently pummeling Zimmerman “ground and pound style”.

Not a single piece of other evidence has been presented by the state to disprove Zimmerman’s account…their entire case seems to be built upon “isn’t it possible that it could have happened in some way other than what Zimmerman claims and the evidence seems to support?”


2 thoughts on “State’s case Vs Zimmerman

  1. It was always only intended as a Soviet-style show trial, with a pre-determined outcome. Unfortunately for those who initiated it, this isn’t the Soviet Union. Yet.

  2. Their entire case is built upon “Zimmerman has lighter skin pigmentation than Martin, therefore Zimmerman must be guilty.”

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