Things that make you go “hmmm”

I was supposed to be flying from Toronto to San Francisco yesterday.

The San Francisco leg of the trip was canceled and I ended up coming home yesterday instead.

Then I read this on Drudge from yesterday:

The Boeing 777, considered one of safest aircrafts in the sky, recorded the first fatalities since it was launched 18 years ago when the Asiana Airlines crashed at San Francisco Airport today.

Granted, I would have been on a Delta flight, not an Asiana Airlines plane…but it does make one wonder if the trip cancellation wasn’t just God’s way of keeping me out of harm’s way.

When we found out about the cancellation, which had some significant impact on our personal plans, The Wife even commented “everything happens for a reason, it’s all a part of God’s plan” and, at the time, I remember thinking something along the lines of “well, if something happens there on Saturday, we’ll know the reason”.



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  1. Years ago when I first moved to Newport News I rented a room from a lady whose husband missed his flight. He was scheduled to ride the USS Thresher. Sure does make you wonder…..

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