This just enfuriates me…

Because everyone knows that an unarmed, angelic, black teenager (hoodie optional) could never harm a fully grown, adult, “white-hispanic” with their bare hands…right?

Santiago was followed by the three teens while walking on 3rd Street between Adams and Jefferson Streets in Hoboken on Sept. 10 when one of the juveniles threw a punch at Santiago’s head in what detectives believe was a game of “knockout.” Santiago then collapsed onto the fence, wedging his neck between two iron fence posts, where he died, the prosecutor said.

Too bad that white looking guy with a hispanic sounding name (versus a hispanic looking guy with a white sounding name) died, but sucker punching an innocent person on the street trying to knock them out is not REALLY a violent crime, it’s just a childish prank.


Also interesting that I had to go to the video to figure out the race of the young innocent pranksters, it wasn’t mentioned a single time in the entire article.

Funny that.

If this kind of crap keeps up and continues to be brushed under the rug…black violence against other races ignored or whitewashed while people defending themselves against black thugs is touted as evidence of racism and results in the modern equivalent of the Salem Witch Trials…there absolutely WILL be a race war in this country eventually. And blame for it can be placed squarely at the feet of the race hustlers in both the Black community and the media.


4 thoughts on “This just enfuriates me…

  1. Sailorcurt, found your blog while doing reasearch on the SKS. Great stuff,
    I think I’ll leave mine alone.. Anyway, just thought I suggest to you to use
    SpellCheck, there again, great stuff. It’s “infuriate” with an i not an e… Hate
    to see good observations marred by bad spelling.

    • And by the way, “research” doesn’t have an “a” after the first “e.”
      Ah, you can bust my balls, too! By the way, are you aware of the
      double murder couple years back in Knoxville? That didn’t make
      the NAACP national news either. One of the most gruesome
      murders ever.

  2. 1. Murphy’s law is in full force whenever mentioning someone else’s typo. Almost every time I’ve seen a comment like that, it’s included a handy typo to undermine the commenter’s point.

    2. I think I’ll leave it that way because I didn’t even realize it was wrong until you pointed it out. I generally consider myself to be fairly literate, but I didn’t catch that one at all. WordPress has a spellchecker (it even underlined “wordpress” in this comment), but it apparently doesn’t check post titles.

    3. Yes, I did hear about the case you’re talking about. That’s just one of a long list of black on white crimes that have been downplayed by the media…and that one was particularly heinous.

    4. Most of the mods I did to the SKS were just “playing” trying to learn more about gunsmithing and such. Now that it’s been awhile, I wish I’d have picked up an SKS to leave stock back when you could get them for $189. Oh well, mine still shoots great. Still no problems at all after all my mods and tinkering.

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