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Back when I put together my M4gery AR Carbine, I reviewed the Sight Mark red dot sight and the mounting base I got from Midway USA.

At the time I mentioned that I’d follow up if anything changed.

I just wanted to report that, finally, after approx 4 years and maybe 2,000 rounds of ammo, I’ve finally got an update other than “it works great”.

I took 6 new shooters to the range (I know, I know, I didn’t post a new shooter report…bad blogger…I’ve been busy) a few weeks ago, new shooters (especially guys) tend to like to shoot the AR carbine, so it really gets a workout on those trips. During firing, we had two minor glitches, one with the sight itself and one with the mount.

On the mount, one of the top screws started backing out. I didn’t have the right size allen wrench so I couldn’t tighten it back down right there, there are three screws on each end of the top of the mount, so I figured 2 would work and if the screw came completely out I could just buy a new one at Tidewater Fasteners. Well, it never came all the way out so it ended up not being a big deal. A little locktight and a correctly sized allen wrench and it’s good to go.

The other minor problem was on the sight itself. The hinge pin for the front flip cover came out while firing. The shooter at the time recovered both the cover and the spring, but couldn’t locate the pin. I haven’t fixed that yet, but it’s simply a matter of finding a piece of wire or spring steel that will fit in place of the pin and putting it back together again.

The rear pin seems solid so I don’t know what caused the front one to come out. Again, just a minor thing and the sight still works great…by the way, the battery life on this sight is excellent. I haven’t tested it straight through from turn on till it dies, but this last time, the batteries were brand new when we started, we started shooting at around 3pm and they forgot to turn the sight off after we left the range, I didn’t think to check it until the next morning at about 0800 and the dot was still strong, so, based on that, the run time is in excess of 17 hours.

Anyway, that’s my update. Granted, I’ve never tested this setup in harsh conditions, just at the range, or at my step-father’s farm in PA, but for civilian purposes and a rifle that’s probably never going to see more harsh conditions than standing in a field shooting watermelons from 150 yards away, I’d say this sight is well suited for the task, at a fraction of the cost of the brand name optics.


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