We interrupt this blogging hiatus…

To bring breaking news:

For all of those living in the frozen tundra (yes, I’m talking to you Vanilla…and CB too), I just wanted to gloat a little.

todayHere’s what it’s like right now here in Southeastern Virginia:

Unfortunately, it’s going to be pretty short lived.

Here’s the forecast for tomorrow.


Welcome to Virginia. If you don’t like the weather, wait a few minutes, it’ll change.


3 thoughts on “We interrupt this blogging hiatus…

  1. My thermometer says -12F too. I’ve been busy the whole time getting friends unstuck and shuttling others to and from. I finished last night and am dog tired. Everything is harder when it’s cold. A few friends who have lost power at home are staying over. One of them called it a hotel. More like a youth hostel we told them. They’re just happy to have a warm, personable, relaxed place to crash. Everyone is enjoying the company.

    It feels a little like 1978 again. Where’s some of that global warming when you need it?

  2. 19 degrees as a low last night; was 25 when I left the house this morning.

    I’m getting tired of this stuff. If I wanted to cold temperatures I would have lived further north. We’ve had 26 hard freezes so for this ‘winter’ — a record.

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