I almost forgot

Here’s our “trip picture”.

IMG_0989_2I took this using the timer feature on my camera. It was taken in the Rocky Mountain National Park at about 10,000 feet. Keep in mind that I had been having problems with altitude sickness the whole time we were in Colorado so I was feeling a little woozy to begin with.

After activating the timer, I had to run the 100 feet or so back to my bike in order to pose for the picture. I barely made it in time, and after the picture snapped, I almost fell down I was so out of breath.

I survived though and have good memories as a result.


5 thoughts on “I almost forgot

  1. That’s Brother’s Yamaha Road Star. It’s a pretty beefy bike and sports a 1700cc Vtwin. It only looks smaller because it doesn’t have the fairing or trunk that my Valk or the two goldwings in the picture have.

      • That’s what I was trying to say. Perhaps I didn’t express it well.

        a 1700cc vtwin has pistons the size of coffee cans.

        They’re huge.

        My bike’s engine is a 1520cc, but it has six cylinders that 1.5 liters is divided across.

        His bike is every bit as big as ours, it just doesn’t have the fairing or trunk which makes it look a little smaller.

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