Motorcycle Trip 3

Over the next couple of days we wandered around the Black Hills, got in some good twisty riding, and saw the sights.

1 IMG_1393Crazy Horse

2 IMG_1422Mount Rushmore (this picture was taken from the road from a distance, we did actually go up to the monument and walk the trail to the foot of the mountain, but I liked this picture better)

3 IMG_1582Deadwood

4 DSC00965Which is the place where Wild Bill Hickock was killed and Aces and Eights became known as the infamous “Dead Man’s Hand” in poker.

5 IMG_0196Calamity Jane is also buried here. BTW, contrary to popular belief, Wild Bill swears he never had a “thing” with Calamity. “I’m a married man” he exlaimed…”besides, have you SEEN her?” he chuckled.

6 DSC00976Wild Bill flirting with the girls

7 IMG_1617Wild Bill Hickock’s been assasinated!

8 DSC01522“The Needles”

9 IMG_1527Driving the Needles Road

10 IMG_1641Devil’s Tower Wyoming (no, we didn’t see any alien spacecraft)

11 comparisonDevil’s Tower is so huge, and so isolated out there, it’s very difficult to get a feel for how big it is, even when standing right at its foot. It really is a huge natural phenomenon. Here’s a picture I created to try to show the scale a little bit.

Devil’s Tower is 1.267 feet tall from its base. The Washington Monument is 555 feet tall. The eiffel Tower is 1,063 feet tall and the Empire State Building is 1,250 feet to its roof, 1,454 feet to the top of the radio tower.

Only the world’s very largest man-made structures are taller than Devil’s Tower.

It’s really an amazing piece of God’s handiwork.


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