And the Winner is (2)…

RWH, who guessed:

Approximately 100 yds askew of directly down range.

Down Range of what, you ask? Well, let’s see if this jogs your memory:

2014-11-13 16.52.47

Ring any bells?

How about this one (I didn’t take this one):


Yep…that’s Dealey Plaza in Dallas, the site of the assassination of JFK. The picture in the first post is the “grassy knoll” that the conspiracy theorists believe the “real” assassin fired from, the second is the Texas Book Repository from which the actual shots were fired.

I’d actually done a research paper on the Kennedy assassination in college. I researched the Warren report and various conspiracy theories. My final conclusion at the time was that there were some oddities with the investigation and other aspects of the case, but that the odds of a cover up were very small. The theories about the shots coming from the front just didn’t hold up ballistically, either from the autopsy reports or the videos of the actual incident, additionally, there simply would have had to have been vastly too many people involved to pull something like that off and keep it quiet for decades.

One of the conspiracy theories opined that the shots were way too difficult for Oswald, a reportedly mediocre shot, to have made.

After visiting the repository and seeing the view from where he made the shots, I have to strongly disagree. The shots were taken at a range that any half-way competent marksman could have made.

Anyway, Dallas it was. I hereby award RWH 1000 internet points. Spend them wisely.


3 thoughts on “And the Winner is (2)…

    • You are of course correct about the book depository. I’ve always struggled with that.

      As far as the conspiracy theories are concerned… I never completely ruled them out; there were some big holes in the Warren report, some strange “coincidences” about the actions taken and disposition of important evidence in the aftermath of the assassination and other factors as well, but no clear cut “smoking gun”.if you’ll pardon the cliche.

      The biggest thing that makes me doubt the cover-up theory is simply the sheer number of people that would have had to have been involved.

      My rule of thumb is that if more than one person knows something, it isn’t a secret. Keeping something that earth shattering a secret on that kind of scale would be nothing less than a miracle and I find the possibility dubious at best. But that’s just my opinion.

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