Is it just me…

Or does anyone else see a plan behind the situation in Ferguson MO?

Fringe groups pass out fliers advocating for various kinds of instigation if a grand jury decides not to indict a police officer who 3 1/2 months ago shot an unarmed teenager.

It’s that decision, which authorities have for days signaled was imminent but now seems slow to come, that has brought St. Louis into a bizarre holding pattern, with little agreement here about what will happen in the city after the grand jury resolution.

First there are leaks that hint the decision will come sometime during the week of November 11.

Then there are leaks that hint that the decision will be last Friday.

Now the speculation is that the decision will come on Monday.

And each time the speculation identifies a day, the “protesters” are stirred to prepare…and each time the decision doesn’t come.

I think this is a strategy…and I think it is a good one.

From the reports I’ve seen, most of the “protesters” are not from Ferguson or even St. Louis…most of them are outside agitators just taking advantage of the situation.

Ever hear the story about the boy who cried wolf?

I think the Ferguson authorities are taking advantage of that premise. At least I would if I were them: I’d continue to leak dates, and then fail to make the announcement, over and over and over again, until the protests lose steam. Wait until they get tired of getting all fired up over and over again, and start to lose interest. After it is clear that the troublemakers have, for the most part, given up and gone home…then make the announcement.

It might be next year before the grand jury “finishes its investigation” and that’s perfectly fine if that’s what needs to happen to take the air out of the blowhards threatening to instigate riots.

The only down side is that this is devastating the Ferguson economy. All of those business owners who have shuttered their businesses are not going to be able to sustain this forever. They’ll eventually go bankrupt (if they haven’t already).

For that reason, they may make the announcement sooner rather than later, but I really think it would be smart of them to keep this secret grand jury deliberations going for as long as possible. Eventually the race baiters and anarchists who are itching to burn something down will run out of steam.


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