And the Winner is (3)…

No one.

No guesses at all on the last one, which is really not that surprising to me. It’s not exactly a big tourist spot for Americans.

I was in Victoria BC

The first two pictures are of the legislature building. The third was the Empress Hotel.

If you didn’t get that one, you probably won’t get the next one either.

Hint: it was in the same province in Canada, but is less well known than Victoria.


2 thoughts on “And the Winner is (3)…

  1. I was in Victoria BC back in the summer of 1967, while my ship was in drydock at Bremerton. Strangely enough (or perhaps not) all I remember is a string of bars…. Oh well!


  2. I think we had “High Tea” there with my great aunt back in ’71 or thereabouts. She was in her 80’s then. Grandpa was a wetback (literally) Brit who jumped-ship (literally) off a British Naval vessel in Vancouver and came ashore in 1900 or thereabouts. He worked the Nor Cal lumber-mills while they churned out timber to re-build San Francisco after the ’03 Earthquake. Had a tobacco shop then a painting/paperhanging business in Oakland before it was taken-over by Communists.

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