Another victim of Walt Disney

This story is a couple of months old, but I just stumbled across it.

Wild animals are not just misunderstood cuddly pets who can’t talk.

Too many animal lovers and environmentalists either have forgotten, or have never understood, that wild animals in particular and nature in general are actively, at every moment, with prejudice, trying to kill us.

Forgetting that for even a moment at the wrong time allows it to succeed.

This is the horrifying moment a lioness reared up and mauled to death an American tourist after she stopped to take a photograph in a South African safari park.

Standing on its hind legs, the lioness is seen peering into the vehicle seconds before it attacked Katherine Chappell, an editor on hit TV show Game of Thrones, through the open window.

Engineer Ben Govender, 38, who was in the car behind Miss Chappell, said ‘no one could have imagined’ what would happen in the minutes after he took the extraordinary photograph.

I note that they wait until the very end of the article to mention that the safari park (as do all of them) has signs everywhere warning people to keep windows closed at all times.

I find it very difficult to mourn for people who die in manners such as this. If they felt that the rewards of doing what they did were worth the risk, then their death was not “tragic”, it was a foreseeable result that they chose to accept as a risk. Unfortunately, for most people who die like this, it’s not a matter of them weighing the risks and choosing to accept them, it’s a matter of them being completely oblivious to the risks and ignoring all the warnings because “it will never happen to me”…besides, that 300 pound cat with three inch fangs and razor sharp claws looks so soft and cuddly laying there in the grass…I wonder if I can pet it?…


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